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Four-day self-driving adventure tour from Baise to Hechi
Updated: 2020-09-23

Baise and Hechi are two neighboring cities in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and its two largest prefecture-level cities. The expressway connecting Baise and Hechi covers many tourism attractions, making it perfect to take a road trip.

Day 1 Baise Xinghe Water Park


Baise Xinghe Water Park. [Photo/]

Baise Xinghe Water Park covers an area of about 150,000 square meters, with a maximum mountain drop of 50 meters. All equipment is built on the mountain, with the height and direction of the equipment adjusted according to the height and drop of the local terrain.

The park has attractions supplied by internationally renowned companies like ProSlide, Polin, and Guangzhou Dalang Company. It is planned, designed, and operated by Shenzhen Huachuang Zhicheng Company, a domestic first-class cultural tourism creative services and investment business with a long history of practical experience.

As a super-large water park in Guangxi, it has stimulating water-play equipment that meets the needs of young people and also has gentle water-play equipment suitable for families.

The park has drawn on the experiences of world-renowned water parks and has set up special parent-child water play areas. A high-quality water treatment system and a safe environment allow visitors to enjoy themselves in a secure environment. It ensures the safety of everyone playing in the water with four levels of equipment safety design, its water treatment system, its high standard requirements, and its professional life-saving team.

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