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Two-day Mulao cultural tour in Luocheng, Hechi
Updated: 2020-07-02


Beautiful view of Mianhua Tiankeng Scenic Area in Luocheng Mulao autonomous county, Hechi. [Photo/WeChat account hc12301]

Luocheng Mulao autonomous county is located in the northwest of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, where the environment is elegant and the scenery is beautiful. It boasts breathtaking mountains, waters, and customs that have a unique local ethnic flavor. The 1,000-year-old Mulao tribe has bred a distinctive culture and various special cuisines.

Here is a recommended route for tourists who want to explore the county's mysterious local ethnic culture and the magnificent natural scenery.

Day 1 Acacia forest on water - Mianhua Tianken Cliff Hotel - Mianhua Tiankeng Grand Theatre

Day 2 Mianhua Tiankeng Scenic Area - Mulao ethnic villages

The Acacia forest on water in Luocheng is made up of several hundred mu of ormosia hosiei trees. Red beans always hang on the branches during their maturation season. Here, visitors can fully enjoy the mystery of the original jungle or the fun of cooling and splashing in the forest.

Mianhua Tiankeng Scenic Area is a 4A scenic spot with leisure, health, agricultural, sightseeing, and Mulao folk experience activities that utilize the natural eco-environment of the tiankeng, an especially large sinkhole with a name that can be translated as ‘heavenly pit.’

The main attractions in the scenic area include a 380-meter-long cableway and a rainbow slide that covers an area of about five mu and a length of about 130 meters. The Grand Theatre provides tourists with a wonderful light show every day.

Mianhua Tianken Cliff Hotel is perched on a rocky cliff. It used the beautiful ecological environment and natural resources to build 15 two-storey villas, which are characterized by the traditional architectural characteristics of the Mulao nationality. The hotel also has an infinity-edge swimming pool on the top, enabling tourists to enjoy a bird's view of the mountains.

In addition, special local wines and delicious cuisines will be offered during people's visit to the Mulao ethnic villages.

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