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Miluotuo Myth
Updated: 2020-05-13


People in Dahua Yao autonomous county, Hechi hold ceremony to worship Miluotuo, the mother and creator goddess of the Yao People. [Photo by Tan Wenjun/]

Miluotuo is a mythical ancient song that has been circulated by the Yao ethnic group in Du'an and Bama, South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. It is an ancient song of the Bunu, the second largest branch of the Yao nationality. Since the Yao ethnic group only has its own language but no script, this ancient song is passed down from generation to generation by mouth by the Yao people.

Miluotuo Myth has recorded major events of Miluotuo, the mother and creator goddess of the Yao People, in praise of her achievements. It tells the story of the birth of Miluotu, the formation of the heaven and the earth, the origin of human beings, the governance of the earth and rivers, the conquest of natural disasters, the struggle against monsters, the death of Miluotuo, the contradictions and conflicts within and outside the Yao ethnic group, as well as the reasons for the migration of the group.

On May 23, 2011, Miluotuo Myth was approved by the State Council to be listed in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritages.

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