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Hongshui River Modern Ecological Fishery Demonstration Zone
Updated: 2020-04-29

Hongshui River Modern Ecological Fishery Demonstration Zone is located in Dahua Yao autonomous region, Hechi, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The core area of the demonstration zone covers an area of 3,000 mu (200 hectares). Relying on the geographical conditions of the Yantan Hydropower Station, and in accordance with the basic requirements of the operating organization, equipment facilities, production standardization, element integration, and characteristic industrialization, it focuses on building a leading ecological fishery industry, constructing it into a core demonstration area of modern agriculture featuring fishing, health vacation facilities, and landscape cultural experiences.


Hongshui River Modern Ecological Fishery Demonstration Zone in Dahua Yao autonomous region, Hechi. [Photo by Tan Wenjun/]

The demonstration zone conducts healthy breeding and pollution-free standardized production. It also introduced experienced companies and cultivated four professional cooperative organizations to jointly lead the operation of the ecological fishery and aquaculture industry in the zone.

A total of 4.5 million fingerlings including grass carp, carp, silver carp, bighead fish, tilapia, wasp fish, and salangid were introduced in the demonstration zone, driving more than 1,800 people from 510 households in the town participated in cage culture on the Hongshui River. In 2019, the whole demonstration zone sold a total of 1,184 tons of various famous and high-quality aquatic products, generating more than 31.5 million yuan ($4.45 million) in sales revenue.

At present, the demonstration zone has invested a total of 93.85 million yuan, mainly completing the construction of a 1,200 mu freshwater ecological breeding demonstration base and supporting facilities, such as a 7,000 square meter reception service center, a 2,700 sq m fish feed mixing plant, as well as 6.9 kilometers of road hardening.

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