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One-day travelling routes in Yizhou
Updated: 2019-11-18

Yizhou, a district in the city of Hechi, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, is renowned as the hometown of Liu Sanjie, a legendary female folk singer of the Zhuang ethnic group. As a result, it has made increased efforts to promote its cultural tourism in recent years.

A variety of top-quality travelling routes integrating Yizhou's traditional culture and splendid natural scenery have been launched to enable tourists to experience the beauty of the place.

Here are some one-day travelling routes in Yizhou.

Cruise Tour

1. Route: Longjiang River (龙江河/Longjiang He) – Xiajian River (下枧河/Xiajian He) – Zhuanggulao Scenic Area (壮古佬风景区/Zhuanggulao Fengjing Qu)

2. Price: 55 yuan ($7.85) per person (at least 16 people for departure, return ticket not included)


The Xiajian River meanders through the lush green scenery of Hechi. [Photo/]

Scenic Area Tour

1. Site: Jinlang Bay Scenic Area (金浪湾景区/Jinlang Wan Jingqu)

2. Activities: More than 20 outdoor training activities, including high altitude abseiling; visiting the Lalang Hydropower Station, the largest hydropower station in the upper stream of the Longjiang River; jungle paintball

3. Price: 120 yuan per person (round-trip fare and lunch fee included)

Rafting Tour

1. Route: Gulong Gorge Rafting Scenic Area (古龙漂流风景区/Gulong Piaoliu Fengjing Qu) – Huangguan Mountain (皇冠山/Huangguan Shan) – Liumei Village Wharf (六妹村码头/Liumei Cun Matou)

2. Price: 65 yuan per person (round-trip fare not included)

Nature and Culture Tour

1. Route: Xiangbei River Scenic Area (祥贝河景区/Xiangbei He Jingqu) – Water Curtain Cave (水帘洞/Shuilian Dong) – Lizhi Karst Cave (荔枝洞/Lizhi Dong)

2. Price: 30 yuan per person (round-trip fare not included)

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