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Reservoir ensures stable water supply in Fengshan

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

Shegeng Reservoir in Sanmenhai town, Fengshan county, Hechi city, which is expected to be able to provide a consistent supply of water to nearby households, has recently passed inspection.

The inspection team was composed of experts from city and county-level water resource bureaus, the Guangxi Hechi Water & Power Design Institute, and supervising companies.

Construction on the project began in 2016, with a total investment of 96 million yuan ($14 million). The reservoir will include a barrage, water conveyance structure, and water pipes.

With a total storage capacity of 21.2 million cubic meters, the reservoir should be able to completely resolve the water shortage in Sanmenhai town. The reservoir is of great significance to the economic development of the region, especially the tourism sector, according to a local official.

Reservoir ensures stable water supply in Fengshan

Shegeng Reservoir will begin operating soon. [Photo/hcwang.cn]

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