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Hechi teams up with Shenzhen enterprise in agricultural using of UAVs

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

Hechi agricultural machinery administration and a Shenzhen enterprise signed a cooperation agreement at the 8th China-ASEAN Engineering Project Cooperation and Development Forum on the application of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) in agricultural fields.

Focusing on agricultural mechanization, the agreement will boost the standardization and greenization of the city's characteristic agriculture by a number of advanced measures, including setting up a UAV technology application base, bacteria research and application center, Internet of Things technology demonstration base and agriculture big data platform, which will in turn promote efficiency and save cost.

With the innovative application of UAV technology, Hechi's characteristic agriculture, including the industries of fruit, sugarcane and mulberry silkworm will basically realize mechanization, which will speed up the implementation of China's rural vitalization strategy.

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