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Bama releases mascot for intl walking convention

By (chibadaily.com.cn)

The first "Huayu Cup" Guangxi Bama International Healthy Walking Convention 2018 will be held in Bama from Nov 23 to 28, and the committee formally released the mascot at a press conference held in Shenzhen on Sept 5.

Relying on the rich resources of cultural history and stunning landscapes of lakes and hills, the walking convention is divided into four routes with different lengths from five to 30 kilometers. The routes provide hikers with distinctive journey of health, journey of history and culture, and recreational tours. Participants will get to admire the beauty of the world-famous longevity village.

The convention will invite hundreds of senior Bama residents, including those above the age of 100 and it will also organize a health industry forum and product exposition in order to promote Bama's popularity and develop the local tourism industry.

Jointly sponsored by Bama Yao autonomous county, the Beijing Walking Association (BWA), and Huayu Consortium in Shenzhen, the event has attracted numerous domestic and foreign trekkers with an estimated number of more than 3,000 participants from all over the world. Hikers can sign up on the event's official website http://www.bamawalking.com/newIndex.aspx, or scan the QR code of the official WeChat Account before 17:00 on Oct 21. The entry fee is 100 yuan ($14.55) which will be used to buy competition handbooks, T shirt, sun-protective clothing, water, first-aid kit and other necessities.

Bama releases mascot for intl walking convention

The QR code of the official WeChat Account of the hiking event.

Bama releases mascot for intl walking convention

Ba Xiaoma, the mascot of the convention, vividly displays the beautiful natural sceneries and distinctive ethnic custom of Bama. Its posture shows the beauty and vitality of the hiking activity. [Photo/bamawalking.com]

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