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Bala Natural Ecological Forest and Macaque Breeding Reserve
Updated: 2018-08-27
This forest reserve is in the northeastern part of Fengshan county, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, 22 kilometers from the county seat. It is in a karst area with a moist subtropical monsoon climate, plenty of precipitation, mild winters, cool summers, and four distinct seasons, and with many rare tree species. It has high, steep mountains, dense forests with vines here and there, wild flowers, natural fruits, and beautiful scenery. The forest is home to at least 300 macaques, which are under state protection and play about in forest and attract tourists. Other rare animals are the antelope, masked palm civet, musk deer, and silver pheasant. In 2008, the Guangxi tourism bureau designated the forest reserve an agricultural tourism site. Here, you can have fun in the mountains, stay with the macaques in harmony, enjoy the simple hospitality of villagers who are unpretentious, taste delicious local dishes such as homemade bean curd jelly, experience the local culture, and shed your earthly worries. In the forest reserve, you’ll feel like a wanderer with no fixed abode or occupation enjoying some free time in the wilderness.

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