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Activity for International Archives Day held in Hechi

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

The 11th publicity activity for International Archives Day was held in Siyuan square of Jinchengjiang district, Hechi in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region on June 11, attracting the participation of over 200 units, while handing out over 2,000 publicity materials.

The annual day is established by International Council on Archives (ICA) to raise awareness of the importance of archives and promote their protection and free access.

During the activity, Hechi municipal archives and Jinchengjiang archives demonstrated achievements in economy and other undertakings since reform and opening up by comparing the old and new photographs in the form of blackboard newspaper.

Activity for International Archives Day held in Hechi
Residents view blackboard newspaper. [Photo/news.hcwang.cn]

In addition to this, the publicity activity also includes policy and regulation consultation on archives.

The publicity activity with resources of rich archives has enhanced public's pride and happiness, creating a good social environment for the development of archives.

It is hoped that through this activity, residents can feel the unique charm and realize the important value of archives culture.

Mulao and Maonan have a very small population, while Luocheng Mulam and Huanjiang Maonan are unique in China.