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First Guangxi Great Ingredient Event held in Dahua

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On Dec 19, the first-round competition of the First Guangxi Great Ingredient Event and Guangxi Cuisine Festival was held in National Culture Square in Dahua Yao autonomous county, Hechi.

The first-round competition of the First Guangxi Great Ingredient Event was in full swing. Agricultural enterprises and local farmers in counties and towns in Hechi all presented their special agricultural products for the competition. The ingredients included: white potato, Canna edulis ker vermicelli, selenium-rich rice, mushroom, ganodorma lucidum, dried wild fish, Murraya tetramera Huang, Qibainong chicken and Qibainong goats and so on.

The same day, the Guangxi Cooking Food Industry Association invited 10 famous chefs to cook specialties as a way to demonstrate the uniqueness of the Dahua cuisine.

First Guangxi Great Ingredient Event held in Dahua
Chefs cooking delicacies. [Photo/Xinhua]

It is said that "The north have the Manchurian and Han Banquet, the south have the Zhuang and Yao feast." Among all banquets, the most eye-catching one had included both Zhuang and Yao delicacies. This banquet combined the traditional dining customs and modern food cultures of the Zhuang and Yao nationalities.

There were 88 varieties and 58 set of dishes, including the Murraya exotica tea-smoked chicken with unique flavor, roast whole pig with tender meat and leek fresh soup which warms the stomach. The banquet had 12 big categories consisting of small dishes, big dishes, warm dishes, cold dishes, vegetables, soup, staple food, snacks, drinks, desserts, tea and fruits. With its great variety, alluring luster, delicious taste, this Zhuang and Yao banquet showed the profound and colorful food culture of the different nationalities in Dahua.

First Guangxi Great Ingredient Event held in Dahua

A banquet with Zhuang and Yao flavor is ready.[Photo/Xinhua]

Wei Xiaoqiang, mayor of the county, made a speech at the opening ceremony, hosted by Wei Jiaheng, deputy county mayor and head of local publicity department.

In recent years, Dahua county had made great efforts to develop eco-agriculture production of quality ingredients. They have strived for this goal with a combination of promoting healthy cuisine, tourism and anti-poverty projects. These projects also assists in the economic development of the area while improving the livelihoods of farmers. The county has a total area of 139,380 mu (9,292 hectares) for the production of pollution-free agricultural products and green food.

Bama Yao autonomous county has been honored as “China’s longevity village”.