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Yizhou honored as model tourism area
Updated: 2017-01-17

Yizhou in Hechi city and seven other areas were honored for their beautiful scenery and attractions, becoming model tourism areas in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region on Jan 5.

Awarded by the Guangxi Commission of Tourism Development, the honor is expected to boost Yizhou's local economy, particularly its tourism sector, which has grown in recent years thanks to promotion efforts made by the local bureau.

The tranquil surrounds of Yizhou. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Yizhou is an ancient city with a history dating back 2,100 years. It is famous for being the birthplace of Liu Sanjie, a renowned folk singer in ancient China whose works were included in the 2006 collection of national intangible cultural heritages. It is also home to scenic spots such as Huaiyuan ancient town and Huixian Mountain

Huaiyuan ancient town is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Yizhou. [photo/Hechi Daily]

The diverse range of ethnic groups which live in Yizhou, such as Yao, Miao and Mulam, means that the district is immersed in culture.

The State Council upgraded Yizhou from a county-leveled city into a district in 2016, and relocated the city government to the district, providing Yizhou with a greater opportunity to develop its local economy.

Local ladies pick flowers at the Guwen scenic spot. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Bronze statues show ancient ceramic making. [Photo/Hechi Daily]


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