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Nandan county's organic selenium-rich rice
Updated: 2015-04-16

Organic selenium-rich rice is planted and produced in Nandan county, Hechi, by Guangxi Zhongke Qunyuan Agriculture and Forestry Technology Co., Ltd.

A demonstration base was set up for growing selenium-rich organic rice in Yueli town. Zhongke Qunyuan Agriculture and Forestry Specialized Cooperatives, a subordinate of the company, set up the base in joint effort with the Expert Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Science.

The rice is raised in a high-altitude, pollution free closed environment, where inorganic selenium is changed into organic selenium through soil improvement and leaf spraying. Fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited, and solar pest control lights and manure are used instead. The whole process is traced according to organic requirements of selenium-rich rice.

According to the Grain Inspection and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, more than 30 indexes are in full compliance with the national standards in the three-year assay. Raw paddies of selenium-rich rice have been awarded the “Organic Conversion Product Certification” by the national certification authority. The company has been honored “One of the Top 100 Nutrition Companies of China” by the National Public Nutrition Improvement Project Office and Public Nutrition & Development Center. It has also been conferred with “GIA International Green Recommended Product” by the Green Industry International Association.

About selenium

Selenium deficiency can cause dysfunction of vital organs as well as a variety of serious diseases. According to scientific research, selenium has benefits in prevention and control of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, liver disease, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Supplementing necessary selenium elements every day could not only improve human immunity, but also enhance detoxification and slow aging. As people mainly obtain selenium from daily diets, eating selenium food that meet the standards plays an effective role in ensuring health and longevity.

Ten major biological uses of selenium:

1. Selenium is an antioxidant that can remove excessive oxygen radicals in human body and prevent the damages of lipid plutonium peroxide. The effect of its oxygen free radicals is 300-500 times than vitamin C.

2. Improve human immunity and help cancer prevention and resistance

3. Lower lipids and blood pressure, avoid arteriosclerosis, prevent thrombosis and narrow myocardial infarction size

4. Prevent viral liver diseases like cirrhosis, liver cancer, fatty liver, and alcoholic liver

5. Replace insulin function and activate proper function of islet cells; prevent diabetes

6. Improve partial infection-resistant ability of prostate, control inflammation and proliferation

7. Protect eyesight and prevent infertility; anti-aging

8. Eliminate wastes and remove toxins

9. Promote proliferation and cytotoxicity of T cells and neutrophils, promote synthesis of immunoglobulin and production of antibodies, enhance anti-viral function, inhibit activation of viral, and lower the formation of brown spots of grease

10. Prevent carcinogenic effects of Keshan disease, Kashin-Beck disease, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-aflatoxin B1, ammonium nitrate, and ease side effects of chemotherapy

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