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Nandan county's hot spring park
Updated: 2015-04-07

Located 12 kilometers on the south of Nandan county, the hot spring park was discovered in the early 1970s.

With a flow rate of 90t/h and a constant temperature of 53 C, the hot spring water here is clear and smooth. The water is full of minerals with healthy benefits, such as sulfur, indium, iron, copper, strontium, manganese, zinc, boron, iodine, fluorine and lithium. It also has strong effects in body smoothing and health care, able to create special therapeutic effects on rheumatic disease, skin disease, nervous bone disease and gastrointestinal disease.

With an idea of “leisure space originating from nature”, the hot spring park is divided into VIP area, characteristic bathing area, public guest area and Delightful Forest Restaurant, among which fitness bathing pools like hot spring swimming pool, family green pool, Yaojia flora pool, ginseng bathing pool and cave hot spring are also designed.

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