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Calcium carbonate at calcite science park
Updated: 2014-09-03

This project calls for a production plant, living areas, an office building and related facilities on a 420,200-square-meter space, and enough equipment to produce 360,000 tons of mineral paper annually. It will use mineral powder and non-toxic resin, with technology that is in wide use in the US, Japan, Canada and Taiwan. It requires no use of wood products, water, acid, alkali, or bleaching and has no waste discharge and allows for reutilization, solving the old pollution problem of the papermaking industry and playing a positive role in protecting the earth and humans.

It is expected to cost just over 2 billion yuan, with 1.8 billion for assets, and is expected to produce 780.65 million yuan in output, and have a payback period of just under five years.

Site: Dahua Chengnan Industrial Park, Hechi

Unit: Guangxi Dingyue Mining Group

Contact: Huang Kui

Tel: 134-7189-9999

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