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Silica powder production
Updated: 2014-09-03

Dahua county, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region is estimated to have more than 2 million tons in silicon ore, with a content of more than 99 percent silicon dioxide, for high-purity silica powder products and chemical metallic silicon. It is relatively concentrated in veins that are at a shallow depth and the surrounding rocks make it easier for open working.

The region has two big hydropower stations, with an installed capacity of 1.77 million kW, with a Yantang hydropower station project that will add 600,000 kW to help Dahua’s economic development and industrialization.

The project area has convenient road transportation and is 100 kilometers from the regional capital of Nanning, and 150 km from the city of Hechi. It also has good water transportation, with a connection up to Guizhou province and down to the cities of Wuzhou and Guangzhou. There are policies in place to encourage investment of foreign capital, in land use, taxes, and other rewards. The project is expected to cost 400 million yuan, with 328 million for construction work and 72 million for funds and is expected to generate 526 million yuan in sales upon completion.

Site: Guangxi Dahua county industrial park

Unit: Dahua industrial cluster management committee

Contact: Qin Wuxing

Tel: 137-8828-3999

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