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Bama Lilang Beverage production base renovation
Updated: 2014-09-03

This project calls for a comprehensive upgrade of a workshop, technical process, and assembly line to provide a new bottling line and bucketing line, and expanded warehouse, office, dormitory, and shipping facilities.

It also involves building a secondary road from Min’an Highway to the base, and improvements in the environment and water quality, and helping the locals with a drinking water project and better irrigation and water conservation. The company can take advantage of water from the village of Natao in Guangxi’s Bama Yao autonomous county, which is pollution-free and considered one of the best water resources in the world. The technical renovation won’t require the use of any new land and has convenient traffic access and a good power supply which, with the management, staff, and technical strengths will ensure success.

Total cost of the project is put at 105 million yuan, with 75 million for fixed assets and 30 million for funds, with 65 million of that coming from the company, 35 million from bank loans and 5 million from the government. The project is expected to have to have an output capacity of 165,000 tons and to create 60 jobs, while generating 242.8 million yuan in output value and 24.31 million yuan in taxes, for good economic and social benefits.

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