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Human resources and scientific innovation
Updated: 2014-09-03

A. Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering who contribute to local economic development in an outstanding way will receive 200,000-yuan in government funds in addition to their salary and talented personnel with a State Council monetary award can receive 100,000-yuan in government funds, while academic leaders can qualify for 50,000 yuan.

B. Hechi supports brand building and helps companies in brand awareness and encourages them to register their trademark. Anyone with a famous Chinese brand will receive 300,000 yuan in financial support and anyone with a well-known brand, 100,000 yuan, while a famous product can get 50,000 yuan and a certified green product, 20,000 yuan.

C. Any Hechi scenic tourist spot at or above the AAA level in the 2013-15 period will receive a one-time disbursement, with national AAAAA scenic spots getting 1 million yuan, AAAA scenic spots getting 500,000 yuan, and AAA spots, 100,000 yuan. A 5-star restaurant can get 500,000 yuan, and a 4-star, 100,000 yuan. The disbursements come from a special urban tourism development fund.

D. Hechi also encourages local companies to go public and, in the case of those that succeed in getting listed, the local government will provide 5 million yuan in support.

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