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Industrial development support
Updated: 2014-09-03

A. Major industries

1. Hechi is encouraging the development of the following industries: new nonferrous metals, newly-emerging, high-quality wine, drinking water, food, candy, snack food, biological chemistry, modern biological pharmaceutical, electronic information, agricultural machinery, automobile, engineering machinery and parts, solid waste utilization, energy saving, silk textile, new building materials, fine chemical or related, modern agriculture, logistics, trade, finance, information service, tourism, ecology, culture, radio and TV, press and publication, sports, health care, and other modern services. The city wants to build a distinctly competitive industrial structure giving priority to ports, freight yards, highways, railways, airports, water conservation, energy, electric power, clean energy, information, environmental protection, and ecological recovery.

2. Hechi will support major industrial and infrastructure projects by giving them priority in national economic and social development plans, and special and regional plans. These projects will be the first to receive Guangxi region support, with loans from the International Finance Corp and foreign governments, and central government investment.

B. Hechi also supports industrial park development and will invest in industrial parks and park construction, while Guangxi will have special funds to speed up industrial park development and services and industrial distribution and clustering.

C. There will be tight controls on heavily polluting, high-emissions and high-energy-consumption industries and Hechi will have centralized pollution controls and high emission standards to guide and control company production. It expects energy, water, land, and material conservation to cut emissions and have more efficient use of resources. It is pushing clean production and a circular economy and ecological parks and protection. Companies using disposable resources will not be eligible for preferential policies.

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