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Du'an goat
Updated: 2014-08-28

The Du'an goat joined the Guangxi Livestock and Poultry list, in 1983, as one of the finest breeds, while the county was recognized as the “Home of the Du’an Goat” by a Chinese evaluation committee, in 2003, and got national certification, in 2013. The goat is light, tough, disease resistant, fast, and good at climbing and is suitable for high-temperature, rainy climates in the mountainous southern region. The goats are black, white, or black-white in color, with a one-year-old weighing about 25 kg and an adult, 40 to 50 kg. The rams begin mating at 6 to 9 months, with breeding peaks for a ewe from March to May and August to October. Pregnancy lasts 151 days and ewes lamb 1.5 times annually on average, with 1 to 3 lambs per littter.

The goat’s coat is good for making leather and the mutton is tender and tasty, while soup made from the meat is fresh, sweet, and nutritious, and said to prolong life. When the meat is cured the traditional way by smoking it is good for gifts. In recent years, the county has promoted crossbreeding through technology, advanced technology for lamb breeding”, pollution-free production, and ecological breeding of large number of goats and the goats have improved in quantity and quality through husbandry in a “company and farmer” partnership with greater capital. In 2013, the county raised 560,000, goats 260,000 of them sold to more developed coastal cities.

Proprietor: Du’an Yao Autonomous County Animal Husbandry Management Station Address: 18 Row 6, Lantu Shuiwan Area, Anyan, Du’an Yao autonomous county

Manager: Tan Haiyao

Tel.: 0778—521-7813 137882-8233

Postcode: 530700

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