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Honghui Yellow Wine
Updated: 2014-08-28

Honghui Yellow Wine uses high-quality Guangxi glutinous rice as its ingredient, with its own fungus and Chinese yeast for fermentation, with an integration of traditional and modern technology and temperature-controls, then aged in a cellar for over a year. This results in an orange-yellow colored, transparent liquid that is fresh, sweet, tasty, refreshing, and mellow. The Guangxi Quality Inspection Institute makes sure the wine conforms to state standards and the Garden Villa Hotel, in Nanning, introduced it, in October 2010, as special wine for Guangxi government receptions.

Vintner: Guangxi Du’an Honghui Yellow Wine Co.

Address: Shuichang Rd, Anyang, Du’an county

General manager: Huang Honghui

Tel.: 0778-521-0699

Postcode: 530700

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