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Ecological Culture
Updated: 2014-08-22

A “green ecological culture” is one of the city of Hechi’s major resources, with its karst formations and water conservation area upstream on the Pearl River, and significance to the Pearl River Basin way downstream. Under its jurisdiction are mountains covered with green trees and forests on as much as 65 percent, a network of rivers, and a myriad of caves. Its total water resources account for at least 13 percent of Guangxi’s total.

Its hydropower reserves account for more than 50 percent of Guangxi’s total, and its 11 counties contain the Mulun Karst Forest Reserve, the Jiuwandashan Mountain Primeval Forest, and Fengshan-Leye World Geology Park, Guangxi’s first park of its kind. The green mountains, clear water, and beautiful scenery give it the unique “green ecological culture”, which, together with the grassland culture, the island and lake culture, desert culture and loess culture, add radiance and beauty and a strong local flavor.

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