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The Ormosia Trees
Updated: 2014-07-31

The Ormosia Trees

Ormosia is also called love beans in China. A more-than-667-hectare ormosia forest can be found in the mountains near the banks of the Wuyang River.

The spring water in the forest brings nourishment to the red beans and as the namesake suggests, to true love as well. These trees grow in the water which runs over the rocks. The old vines wind themselves round the trunks of the trees. It is hard to tell if it is the trees that hold the vines or if it is the vines that wind round the trees. Their lives have been so closely related that they can be compared to the protagonists of a life-and-death drama of true love. Young people come to the woods, sing the mountain songs and pick love peas to give to their sweethearts. The woods of ormosia trees are the birthplace and home of love.

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