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The Mizhuilin Holiday Resort
Updated: 2014-07-31

The Mizhuilin Holiday Resort

The Mizhuilin Holiday Resort is located near the bank of the Wuyang River, with the surrounding mountains looming over the plain, cloud and mist curling up between mountains, looking like a Chinese brush drawing with a wonderful landscape.

Tourists can go boating or rafting on the river while watching the gleaming water, or take a stroll in the village enjoying the pastoral scene, when smoke is curling up from kitchen chimneys and cowboys are playing the bamboo flutes.

There are rooms, conference rooms, a dining hall, balloon volleyball court and swimming pool. It is a good place for family gatherings, parties, conferences and training programs with up to 100 participants. In the dining hall, all kinds of delicious dishes such as locally-raised chickens, ducks, and fishes from the local river.

In addition, tourists can have a boating trip down the river to enjoy wonderful scenery. The whole trip is about 2.5 kilometers on the river. Along the way tourists can see unique scenic spots. It is a poetic experience full of mysteries and soul-inspiring moments.

Contact Person: Yang Youyu (139-7782-5787)

Free Admission


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