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The Qingmingshan Resort
Updated: 2014-07-31

The Qingmingshan Resort

The Qingmingshan Resort is a comprehensive scenic zone where tourists can enjoy the natural and cultural landscape, experience the ways of the Mulam people, spend their leisure time building their health, breathe in the fresh, natural air, visit the ecological orchards, and have a taste of the farmers’ lifestyle.

The whole resort consists of four major sections: the Fruit Picking Garden, the Health-Building and Leisure Park, the Culture Park of the Mulam People, and the Pleasure Park of Farmers. Tourists can pick oranges in the National High-quality Orange Production Base. The resort is equipped with such health-building and leisure places as a swimming pool, a beach volleyball court, a surfing site, a barbecue site and a wood house for banquet. Moreover, there is an ecological dining hall and a few fishing ponds. Tourists can have fun operating the traditional water-powered rice mill, seeing the dyeing vat and visiting the wine-making site. The traditional ethnic clothing and ornaments of the Mulam people are also showcased and the tourists can watch the Mulam people perform a singing and dancing show.

With water in front, a hill at the back, scattered delicate pavilions, beautiful environment and rich cultural meaning, this multi-functional scenic zone is an ideal place to have a soul-cleansing trip in nature.

Contact Person: Xie Lijuan (137-6808-7687)

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