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The Peach Flower in Dongqing village, Celing township
Updated: 2014-07-31

The Peach Flower in Dongqing village, Celing township

“When spring comes to Celing, spring is here to stay; when guests come to feast their eyes on the flowers, they come to know the hospitality of Dongqing villagers.”

Dongqing village, in Celing township, Jinchengjiang district, near Hechi city is about 74 kilometers away from the downtown area. It is a demonstration of a rural tourist destination in Guangxi. When peach flowers bloom, the village shows the beautiful blossoms along with various kinds of other local fruit trees.

The eco-tour to Dongqing integrates the rural scenery with the ethnic culture. It is a good place for tourists to enjoy their leisure time and find their calling.

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