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Huanjiang Industrial Park
Updated: 2014-07-30

This industrial park, which got Hechi Party and government approval, in December 2004, is in Huanjiang and Maonan counties in the northwestern part of Guangxi, and has A-class designation, which puts it under preferential local government policies.

It administers Chengxi and Luoyang industrial parks and has a total planned area of 1,054 hectares, with 671 for Chengxi and 383 for Luoyang. Chengxi Park is in the western part of Huanjiang county and engages in the board, agricultural, and sideline products processing industries, machinery manufacturing, with textiles, food processing, pharmaceuticals, logistics and building materials as auxiliary industries.

Luoyang Park is in the northern part of the town of Luoyang and specializes in chemicals, mining and metallurgy, and thermoelectric industries. It has good transportation and is 290 km from the city of Nanning, 160 km from Liuzhou, and 30 km from Hechi, with the Guizhou-Guangxi and Luoyang-Maolan railway lines running through it.

Huanjiang county is famous for its beef, pork, duck, edible fungus, and lead and zinc, and has plentiful natural and geographical resources and good water and electricity supplies, roads, and telecommunication facilities.

The park has a forest and is involved in agricultural product processing and chemicals and metallurgy. In 2012, it had 35 enterprises, giving it great development potential. Its management is trying to transform it into a service, safety, and wealth-creating site to attract more entrepreneurs in science and technology, business, and finance from China and abroad for the common development.

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