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Nandan Nonferrous Metals Industrial Park
Updated: 2014-07-30

This industrial park, which got Hechi and Nandan government approval, in 2006, is in the Chehe area, 54 km from Hechi, 22 km from Nandan, and 8 km from the Hechi airport. It has a planned area of 36.5 sq km and has A-class status.

It’s also a pilot circular economy park, one of Guangxi’s 27 major parks, an incubation facility for small to mid-sized enterprises, and a nonferrous metal development base that is part of the National Torch Plan.

It has eight major enterprises, including the Guangxi Hechi Nanfang Nonferrous Metals Group, Jilang Indium Industry, and Guangxi Tanghan Zink and Indium, with more than 6 billion yuan in investment.

It has around 20 projects, worth 4 billion yuan, and an industrial base for nonferrous smelting and auxiliary product processing, and electronic welding materials. The base can produce 400,000 tons of electrolytic zinc annually, 160 tons of indium, 15 tons of germanium, 10,000 tons of heptahydrate, 25,000 tons of zinc oxide, 800,000 tons of sulfuric acid, 8,000 tons of refined tin, and 10,000 tons of tin solder.

The park has more than 30 billion yuan in total gross industrial output and has paid 500 million yuan in taxes. In 2012, its gross industrial output value reached 5.96 billion yuan and is projected to hit 20 billion by the end of 2015, with 5 billion yuan in industrial added value and 500 million yuan in taxes payment.

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