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Guangxi Yizhou Economic and Development Zone
Updated: 2014-07-30

This development zone got local government approval, in December 1992 and passed a National Development and Reform Commission review, in April 2006 to become one of eight special zones in Yizhou.

It administers 480 hectares of the Luodong industrial cluster and 130 hectares of the Desheng industrial cluster and has a planned area of 1,300 hectares. It currently has a good water and electricity supply, good roads, and communication, TV, network facilities, and well-developed transportation network connected to the Guizhou-Guangxi railway line, and Yizhou-Liuzhou and Jinchengjiang-Yizhou highways.

It engages in silk and biomass chemical processing, machinery, chemical, foodstuff and biopharmaceuticals. The Luodong cluster’s leading industries are non-ferrous metal smelting, ferrous metal processing, sucrose deep processing and building materials, while the Desheng cluster is involved in aluminum processing.

The park is developing circular economies in silk, biomass chemicals, and sucrose utilization, all of which have good prospects. In August 2009, the Yizhou Party committee and government decided to build a circular economy demonstration zone for silk, meaning great opportunities for the Economic and Development Zone.

It has 57 well-known enterprises, such as Hong Kong’s Tengwei, Anhui Wanwei, Sichuan Atlantic, Jiangsu Hengyuan Silk and the Yuchai Group, and 2.5 billion yuan in annual output and 80 million yuan in tax contribution, creating 10,000 job opportunities.

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