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The Xiajian River Scenic Zone
Updated: 2014-07-30

Xiajian River

The Xiajian River rises from the Longzhou Isle which lies in the northern suburb of Yizhou city and is eight kilometers away from the downtown area. The whole river is 17 kilometers long, and converges into the Longjiang River.

A boat trip gliding down the stream gives the tourists a wonderful view of the green hills and bamboos along the banks. Scenic spots include Longzhu Villa, Longzhou Isle and the Third Sister Temple. Moreover, there is also the wonderful sight of the Sister-Gazing Rock.

The Xiajian village is the birthplace of Third Sister Liu. On the cliffs of the Xiajian Mountain is the “wood carrying pole” of Third Sister Liu, which is obliquely inserted into the stone gaps and is still in good condition after having been there for about 1,000 years. The Xiajian River is wide and clear. With clean beaches, the river is a large natural swimming pool.

Tourists can take boating trips at the Zhongjian Dam. The Goose Hill, the Old Man Hill, and the Watching Lady Hill all bear a striking resemblance to their namesake. Furthermore, the Zhupo Peninsula is covered with thick forests, the Longhe Bay can hold as many as 10,000 swimmers, and the beach of the Longzhou Isle lies in the middle of the river where pebbles can be seen everywhere.

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