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Golden Mountain and Water Leisure Farm
Updated: 2014-07-30

This is conveniently located, only 14 km from downtown Hechi, between the Pearl Cave Scenic Zone and Small (Lesser) Three Gorges in Liujia township, and is a AAA national tourist attraction. The farm is surrounded by water on three sides, as well as mountains, so that tourists get a marvelous view of the lake and the mountains, especially in the morning sun, when the shimmering surface is pleasing to the eyes.

The management has spent 10 million yuan on the farm, since 2012, on a reception mall, multipurpose conference room, dining hall, VIP boxes, a children’s playground, a hall for ballgames, a man-made lake with pleasure boats, a swimming pool with spring water, a fishing pond, and a barbecue site.

The farm currently covers more than 133,000 sq m of green space, with more than 10,000 trees of different kinds, 20,000 sq m of lawn, and a 53,000 sq m lake. The dining hall can hold 200 people at a time and is the ideal place for conferences, parties, and wedding banquets. Anyone, from company or institution reps to tourists to children can enjoy themselves here.

And the management has plans to spend 5 million yuan to expand the farm with the focus on villas. At the same time, there will be training for both management and staff with the hope that the farm will become a multi-purpose resort where people can spend their leisure time, improve their health, entertain themselves, and experience life in the countryside.

Contact Manager Liang at 086+137-0778-9790

Admission: Free of charge

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