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Dongren Amusement Park
Updated: 2014-07-30

This is a large amusement park centered on a reservoir for sightseeing and enjoying your leisure time. To get here, you can take Bus No.21 from the downtown area, about 15 kilometers away. The park covers 672,000 square meters, with about a third of that covered by water. It theme is “Happy land of leisure with natural ecology and landscape”.

The major zone attractions are the Entrance Gate, Leisure Peninsula, Wind-Rain Bridge Area, Central Song and Dance Square, Happy World, Water Entertainment, Forest Picnicking and Barbecue area, and Vacation Villa.

The entire park is surrounded by clear water and green mountains covered with eucalyptus, fir, and pine trees and plains, with enchanting, elegant scenery. The Entrance Gate area is a wood-frame construction with typical Dong ethnic group features, 60 meters long and 12 meters tall. The eaves have claret glass tile with white edges and there are light blue walls. The whole structure glitters in the sun, with the rockery and fountain blending with other elements, in an imposing way.

The Leisure Peninsula contains Wuyou Isle and Huxin Isle on 3,333 square meters of land with two stone bridges connecting the two isles and some pavilions for taking a rest. There are also play facilities such as a pommel horse, see-saws, and swings. Huxin Isle is surrounded by green water and has a 70-meter circular corridor modeled on a Dong drum tower.

Wind-Rain Bridge is a replica of one of four typical Dong constructions, also known as a Flower Bridge, which offers shelter on rainy days. It is 78 meters long, 12 meters high and 4.5 meters wide and is Guangxi’s widest bridge of its kind.

Central Song and Dance Square is in the center of the park, on a more than 6,000-sq-m area, where tourists can take a rest. There is a stage with a hemispherical dome, where singing and dancing programs can be held.

The Water Entertainment Area has more than 30 boats, some for rowing, some for pedaling or paddling, some electric, some gaily-painted pleasure boats, and some speedboats. You can go boating on the lake for the sheer delight of taking in the beautiful scenery of the area.

The Forest Picnicking and Barbecue Zone can hold more than 400 gatherings at a time on an area of almost 7,000 square meters planted in plum, orange, loquat, date, and chestnut trees, bringing the barbecue closer to nature.

The Happy World is the park’s most attractive theme area, and is equipped with exciting entertainment to give tourists such an exhilarating experience that they won’t want to tear themselves away. They can reach any of the above scenic spots via sightseeing vehicles found from the Entrance Gate to Central Square.

Contact Luo Zhonglin at 086+139-780-1392

Ticket: 10 yuan

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