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Small (Lesser) Three Gorges Scenic Zone
Updated: 2014-07-30

Guangxi’s Most Secluded Valley, Most Spectacular Gorge in the South

The city of Hechi’s Jinchengjiang district contains the Tianmen Gorge, the Liangfeng Gorge, the Longmen Gorge, and scenery along the Longjiang River, all of it typical of China’s karst gorges.

This scenic area is a part of the Northwest Guangxi Zuang autonomous region’s tourist economic zone and is known for its breath-taking landscape of mountains and clear water and simple folk ways, with the ethnic villages well preserved and the land covered with dense forests and the ecology and environment well-preserved.

Longjiang River

There are karst gorges, the winding Longjiang River, a gorge known for eco-tourism and adventure, the beautiful rural areas, ethnic villages with pristine surroundings and the cliff trestle bridge. Strolling along the cliff trestle above the water, you’ll feel relaxed and when your eyes enjoy the marvelous sight of a high gorge emerging from a calm lake, or, an adventurous trip to Yejiao Mountain will amaze you with the nine gorges with 18 turns, with live fossils of the age of dinosaurs scattered here and there.

This is the most secluded valley in Guangxi and the most spectacular gorge in the South.

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