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Stories of Pinglu Canal to be further promoted


Updated: 2024-03-08

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Ban Ning, a deputy to the National People's Congress deputy and a researcher at the Nanning Radio and Television Station, conducted a research visit to Pinglu Canal before this year's two sessions.

The Pinglu Canal, a monumental interconnection project between the Xijiang River and the Beibu Gulf, is a crucial backbone of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor.

The project is making significant strides, with a total length of about 135 kilometers and an estimated total investment of 72.73 billion yuan ($10.1 billion). By 2023, the Pinglu Canal had already accumulated an investment of over 25 billion yuan, and the excavation of earth and stone had surpassed 165 million cubic meters.

"At present, relevant departments in Guangxi are promoting the construction of the Pinglu Canal Museum. It is hoped that through this project, the excavation, protection, and inheritance of cultural heritage along the Pinglu Canal will be further promoted, fully interpreting the canal's water transport culture, vividly displaying the bright prospects of the canal, and accelerating the deep integration and high-quality development of cultural tourism along the Pinglu Canal," Ban said.

In Ban's view, compared to the more developed coastal areas, Guangxi still needs to be developed and needs more assistance and support at the national level.

During this year's two sessions, Ban Ning, with his unwavering dedication, is poised to focus on promoting the construction of the Pinglu Canal Museum. He aims to tell the story of this' Century Project' and assist in the canal culture's protection, inheritance, and development.