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5 cities approved to set up Guangxi FTZ coordinated development zones


Updated: 2024-01-11

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An aerial view of the Beihai LNG wharf. [Photo/WeChat account: cns-gx]

The coordinated development zones of the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone in five Guangxi cities of Nanning, Qinzhou, Chongzuo, Beihai, and Fangchenggang were officially established on Jan 3.

The Guangxi Pilot FTZ is the only one in China that is both coastal and bordering. It consists of three major areas, namely Nanning, Qinzhou Port, and Chongzuo, with a total area of 119.99 square kilometers. Its goal is to build a high-standard and high-quality FTP that promotes cooperation between China and ASEAN.

The coordinated development zone of the Nanning area has a planned area of around 70.2 sq km. It is set to focus on developing industries such as cross-border finance, digital economy, airport logistics, aviation maintenance and manufacturing, electronic information, biomedicine, new energy vehicles and components, battery new materials, and fine chemicals.

The one of the Qinzhou Port area covers about 58.25 sq km, including the west and east wings. It is anticipated to focus on developing industries such as green chemicals, new energy materials, pulp, and paper.

The zone of the Chongzuo area has a planned area of nearly 19.8 sq km, casting eyes on developing industries such as ASEAN specialty product processing, electronic information, and textile and clothing.

Beihai's 70-sq-km zone is expected to feature industries such as electronic information, petrochemicals, equipment manufacturing, new materials, high-end papermaking, photovoltaics, and energy.

The one in Fangchenggang, approximately 40 sq km, is poised to focus on developing industries such as textile and clothing, electronic information, toys, pharmaceuticals, modern food processing, furniture and home furnishings, and new metal materials.