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Liuzhou Human Resources Service Industrial Park


Updated: 2023-08-03

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The first national-level human resource industrial park in Guangxi opens in Liuzhou. [Photo provided by Liuzhou human resources and social security bureau]

The first national-level human resource industrial park in Guangxi officially opened in Liuzhou on Aug 1.

The park is divided into three parts, each with unique characteristics, such as the Liuzhou Public Practice Base.

Based on Liuzhou's industrial foundation and vocational education infrastructure, the park is set to create a regional base for skill-oriented talent cultivation. It will be built in line with international standards, so that it can function as a cross-border human resource industrial park for ASEAN countries.

As one of the first national pilot cities in Guangxi for the integration of industry and education, Liuzhou has developed and implemented a detailed talent-oriented development strategy.

It has comprehensively optimized local human resources services, improved the talent development environment, and developed a series of innovative policies to support the development of the human resources service industry.

The industrial park will effectively promote the development of human resources services and provide talent guarantees and intellectual support for Guangxi's high-quality economic and social development.