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Donglan Zequn Hotel


Updated: 2023-07-12

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Donglan Zequn Hotel integrates accommodation, catering, conference, sports and training functions. It can accommodate more than 600 people for training, study and leisure purposes.

It is four kilometers away from Donglan county's urban area, covers an area of 338 mu (22.5 hectares), and has a building area of 73,000 square meters.

The hotel has 473 rooms of various types. In addition, the banquet hall, buffet dining area, and private rooms provide authentic Zhuang cuisine.

Zequn Hotel has a large conference room and a modern auditorium that can accommodate 1,314 people. It also has a medium-sized academic lecture hall, along with various small and medium venues for conferences, meetings, and learning and training purposes.

The conference center is equipped with professional audio, a large high-definition LED screen and other professional equipment. A professional conference service team is also available at the hotel. It is suitable for various business, press releases, product releases, and product display events.

Surrounded by mountains, Zequn Hotel has pleasant scenery. Additionally, guests can enjoy the hotel's cultural and sports center, which has an indoor thermostatic swimming pool, a gym, a badminton hall, a table tennis hall and a basketball court.


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