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Liuzhou city sends growing volumes of lotus roots overseas


Updated: 2023-06-08

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Farmers in Baipeng town - located in the Liujiang district of Liuzhou city in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region - have been busy lately picking lotus roots from knee-deep water, after they entered  harvest season.

Selected lotus roots are then loaded onto tricycles which take them to processing factories before they are distributed overseas to markets in the United States, Malaysia and Singapore, among others.

Baipeng town long ago earned the reputation for being the "county of lotus roots in China" and it's now one of the largest lotus root production areas in the country to have two harvest seasons in one year.

The lotus roots grown in the town are highly popular with customers because of their large size, as well as sweet and succulent taste.


Farmhands in Baipeng town go into knee-deep water to pick lotus roots in the wee hours and they work till 8 am. [Photo by Wei Guocheng/China News Service]


Freshly picked lotus roots are then put onto a tricycle that takes them to processing factories. [Photo by Liu Juncong/China News Service]


Workers in the processing plants wash the roots in clean water. [Photo by Wei Guocheng/China News Service]