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Two Sessions Lookout: Job fairs important supply line for employment


Updated: 2023-03-08

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As spring job fairs have kicked off nationwide, China Daily reached out to fresh graduates, migrant workers and employers in this episode as part of its Two Sessions Lookout video series.

Local authorities in Dongguan led a team to Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in early February to hold a special recruitment event connecting employers with migrant workers.

Job seekers coming to the site include local villagers and graduates from vocational schools, most of whom were going to apply for blue-collar positions.
"Dongguan, known as the 'capital of skilled workers', offers various subsidies to talent, including housing and living allowances up to five million yuan ($720,000)" said Chen Zhiwu, director of Dongguan's human resources and social security bureau.

As some employers find it hard to recruit technicians, a WeChat mini program called "Just Dongguan" has been launched to help disseminate recruiting requirements and job applications and present information such as skill training.

Similarly, a job fair for college students was held in Beijing, where job hunters sought opportunities in the city and employers expressed their desires for government assistance over recruitment.

"We hope the government could provide more Beijing household registration quotas to meet the needs of new hires," said Gao Jin, a human resources manager from Taiji Computer Corporation Limited. Local companies also expressed hopes for more favorable policies on salary and welfare to attract graduates.

Li Zixuan, who is trying to secure a human resources position, said she had to think about more than just a job in order to have a decent life in a megacity like Beijing.

As one of the millions of college graduates diving into the competitive job market, Li, a postgraduate student at China University of Mining and Technology, said she would welcome policies such as housing subsidies that would help make the life of newcomers a bit easier in the nation's big cities.