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Pear blossoms in Qinzhou attract visitors in spring


Updated: 2023-02-24

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More than 1,500 mu (100 hectares) of pear trees are blossoming in Pear Blossom Valley, Bancheng town of Qinbei district in Qinzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The beautiful spring flowers made the valley even more charming, and have attracted a lot of visitors to drive to the valley to enjoy the scenery. 


A woman takes a selfie with the beautiful pear flowers. [Photo by Lu Min/People's Daily]


A girl wearing traditional Chinese clothing holds a fan and poses for a photo under the pear blossoms. [Photo by Zhang Xiaodong/People's Daily]


An aerial view of Pear Blossom Valley in Bancheng town of Qinzhou's Qinbei district. [Photo by Lu Min/People's Daily]