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Guigang lotus flowers in full bloom


Updated: 2022-08-16

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The blooming lotus flowers in the pond of Humei Siji Rural Tourism Complex. [Photo by Huang Zijing and Guo Tai/People's Daily]

Lotus flowers in Humei Siji (Beautiful Lake in Four Seasons) Rural Tourism Complex in Qintang district, Guigang, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region have now entered full bloom, attracting many visitors, People's Daily reported on Aug 15.


Women in qipaos walk through the lotus pond. [Photo by Huang Zijing and Guo Tai/People's Daily]

The complex, which integrates tourism, relaxation, ecology, and industry, is a popular tourist attraction in all four seasons as visitors can enjoy rape flowers in the spring, lotus flowers in the summer, hairawn muhly in the autumn, and plum blossoms in the winter.

Since its opening on July 28, the complex has received nearly 200,000 visitors. 


A bee collects honey on a blooming lotus flower. [Photo by Huang Zijing and Guo Tai/People's Daily]