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Guangxi township's grape harvest brings in more cash for locals


Updated: 2022-08-10

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Farmers and volunteers wearing red vests pick ripe grapes. [Photo by Zhang Fang and Wei Rongjun/People's Daily]

The 68-mu (5-hectare) vineyard in Hongmiao township in Rong'an county's Shazi village, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has started to harvest grapes, local media outlets reported on Aug 8.

Hongmiao township is currently harvesting three varieties of grapes: Kyoho, Summer Black and Wink. The grape plantation industry has become one of the major ones to increase local people's income in the township. 


A man carries freshly picked grapes in baskets. [Photo by Zhang Fang and Wei Rongjun/People's Daily]

In recent years, Shazi village has been carrying out various measures to increase a farmers' plantation initiative and help them earn more money, such as inviting professionals to offer guidance on fertilizing, pruning and establishing sales channels for local farmers at the plantation.

"We volunteered at local vineyards to help farmers sell grapes through livestreams and we are really happy for them as they are earning more money," said Qin Lingyan, the first secretary of the township. 

"I plant over 3 mus of grapes and each mu of land yields around 1,500 kilograms of grapes, which brings in over 5,000 yuan ($740) of net income. Each mu of grapes can be sold at a price of 5 yuan per 500 grams," said Xia Liyong, a local farmer.


Qin Lingyan, first secretary of Hongmiao township, help farmers sell grapes via a livestream. [Photo by Zhang Fang and Wei Rongjun/People's Daily]