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Red peppers in Qinzhou help increase villagers' incomes


Updated: 2022-06-08

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The harvest season of conical red pepper has begun with the arrival of early summer.

More than 500 workers have been picking, sorting, and packaging peppers every day at a 500-mu (0.07-hectare) pepper farm in Qinzhou's Qinbei district, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Workers receive 1 yuan ($0.15) each for every 500 grams of pepper pick, and usually earn 100 to 200 yuan a day, helping them increase their incomes.


A farmer picks conical red peppers. [Photo by Zhang Xiaodong/People's Daily]


A farmer carries a bag of conical red peppers. [Photo by Lu Min/People's Daily]


Aerial view of the pepper farm in Qinzhou's Qinbei district. [Photo by Lu Min/People's Daily]