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Bama Narada Resort & Spa Cifu Lake


Updated: 2022-05-10

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The Bama Cifu Lake Healthcare Town. [Photo/WeChat account: Narada_Bama]

The Narada Resort & Spa Cifu Lake is a high-end comprehensive holiday resort in Hechi's Bama Yao autonomous county, which is known as a longevity town. The hotel is 10 kilometers from the county seat and 80 km from Baise Bama Airport.

It was invested in and built by Guangxi Tourism Investment Group. It is managed by Narada Hotel Group.

The hotel integrates accommodation, catering, fitness, recreation, and conference facilities and services, providing Bama with a facility suitable for international tourism.

More than 200 guest rooms are provided among rows of green mountains. Its banquet hall covers an area of 900 square meters and has been made the permanent site for the Bama Forum, a China-ASEAN forum on traditional Chinese medicine and health tourism.


A restaurant of the hotel. [Photo/WeChat account: Narada_Bama]

The hotel is adjacent to Cifu Lake and Tianxiang Lake, near mountains and by the river, with a high concentration of negative oxygen ions.

It also possesses an infinity pool, Yao herb bubble pools, a book bar, a ceramic craft bar, an angling area, a children's playroom, a spa center, a yoga room, and several KTV rooms.

Address: Bama Yao autonomous county, Hechi, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region

Tel: +86-778-6158888