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Cangxi Gate


Updated: 2022-03-13

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Aerial view of the Cangxi Gate in Nanning. [Photo by Zou Cailin/Nanguo Morning]

The Cangxi Gate in Nanning, that got demolished 95 years ago to make way for urban construction, was rebuilt on its former site and opened its first floor to the public on Jan 28. It will be fully open to tourists on May 1.

Located at the intersection of Minsheng and Jiefang roads in Nanning, the Cangxi Gate, also known as Zhenyuan Gate, was first built in the Song Dynasty (420-479).

The stone gray wall is around seven meters in height and stretches 72 meters while its gate tower is a sepia wooden cockloft. The wall was built with both new bricks and around 20,000 old ones preserved from the old gate removal to bring a sense of history to the project. 


A woman wearing a traditional costume writes Spring Festival couplets in a stall at the Cangxi Gate. [Photo by Zou Cailin/Nanguo Morning]

Vendors featuring traditional Chinese elements are set up on the first floor of the gate, selling various products such as candy figurines, Spring Festival couplets, and traditional accessories. 

A woman surnamed Qin noted that the Cangxi Gate has provided one more ideal place for people to take pictures of vintage style.