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Hechi to become intl livable city, healthcare tourist destination


Updated: 2021-11-22

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The Hongshui River Baili Gallery Scenic Spot in Dahua Yao autonomous county is home to beautiful scenery, with its many billowy white clouds and picturesque villages. [Photo/Guangxi Daily]

From Nov 14 to 16, the city of Hechi held the 2021 Tourism Development Conference, which laid out the blueprint for the future of tourism development in the city. Hechi will make the most of its unique culture and strive to become an international livable city and healthcare tourist destination.

According to the conference, Hechi will build healthcare industry clusters around Baikuyao Health Tourism Industrial Park. It will also develop the China-ASEAN International Forum on Traditional Medicine and Health Tourism into a world-class health forum. With the construction of the Shenzhen-Bama Great Health Cooperation Special Experimental Zone, a unique R&D and innovation center for the big health industry will be formed in Hechi. Furthermore, the city will cultivate a world-class health and tourism brand based on good health and Liu Sanjie culture.

Meanwhile, Hechi is striving to create a national 5A-level tourist attraction and two national-level tourist resorts, build Bama's Cifu Lake into a world-class healthcare base, develop Panyang River into a world-class tourist resort, and support Nandan in creating a National All-For-One Tourism Demonstration Area.

Famous Hechi foods such as Huanjiang pork, Donglan chestnuts, and Tian'e Longtan pearl plums are popular among tourists. Hechi will build a number of specialty food streets in all its counties and districts to give visitors the chance to taste the local foods.

Hechi will also speed up the improvement of water, land, and air transportation networks. To be specific, it will promote the construction of the Guizhou-Nanning High-speed Railway and Guilin-Baise Intercity Railway, speed up the construction of Tian'e via Bama to Daxing and the Hezhou to Bama highway, as well as develop the Hongshui River water tourism route.

In addition, Hechi will further explore and integrate tourist attractions, develop boutique tourism routes, and build themed hotels, homestays, and car camps to improve the travel experience for tourists.