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CATTC brings Guangxi company, Brunei together with fishery development


Updated: 2021-09-16

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The China-Brunei fishery technology communication and cooperation platform has helped Brunei effectively improve its mariculture technologies and promoted scientific innovation and cooperation between China and Brunei in the sector.

The platform, which gained support from the China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center (CATTC), was established under the joint efforts of parties such as Guangxi Hiseaton Food, Bruneian scientific research institutions and other organizations from China. It has brought sound economic and social benefits to Brunei.

The development of Brunei's local fishery industry has been limited due to problems such as the seriously inadequate fry hatching capacity and the shortage of professional fishery technicians.

With the help of the CATTC, Guangxi Hiseaton Food signed a framework agreement for cooperation with Bruneian departments to help develop local fisheries, and set up a whole industry chain featuring breeding, hatching, processing and marketing. 

The company has also set up the first fish hatchery for groupers and the first processing factory with a halal food certification in Brunei. In addition, it also provides internships and employment opportunities for Bruneian college students.