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Guangxi adds 18 new pieces of intangible cultural heritage


Updated: 2021-06-11

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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced a new group of 325 national intangible cultural heritage items in Beijing on June 10, and 18 of them are from Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The 18 items include folk literature, traditional music, folk dance, opera, traditional sports, entertainment and acrobatics, traditional fine arts, crafts and folklore. They show off the region's unique customs, history and culture from various angles.


The traditional Duoye dance from Sanjiang Dong autonomous county has been included on the new list of national intangible cultural heritage. [Photo by Gong Pukang and Yuan Yongmin/]

The inclusion of the Zhuang ethnic group's "sparkler-grabbing" makes up for the previous absence in the list of traditional sports, entertainment and acrobatics representing Guangxi's intangible cultural heritage.

Shell carving from Beihai city and the Da'an Jiaoshuigui ("checking water tanks") customs from Guigang city were included in the national list, once again making up for the lack of national intangible cultural heritage items from Beihai and Guigang. All the 14 municipal cities in Guangxi are now represented on the national intangible cultural heritage list.