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Guilin Wonful Plaza


Updated: 2021-05-11

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Painted walls at Guilin Wonful Plaza. [Photo/WeChat account: gltour]

Guilin Wonful Plaza, located in Guilin's Xiangshan district, covers a total area of 120 mu (8 hectares) and started operating at the end of 2014.

At a cost of nearly 800 million yuan ($125 million), the plaza features various facilities such as shopping centers, bars, catering and starred hotels. It was designed as an international business center that can meet the demand of Guilin locals and 32 million tourists annually.  

One of the corners in the plaza has been decorated with paintings featuring hip-hop culture and a punk style, tempting many to take photos in front of the walls. Young people often gather in the area to showcase their street dancing and sliding plate skills.