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Liuzhou Intelligent Transportation Industrial Park


Updated: 2021-02-14

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The design sketch of Liuzhou Intelligent Transportation Industrial Park. [Photo/]

Liuzhou Intelligent Transportation Industrial Park, located in Liudong New District, covers an area of 2,400 mu (160 hectares) and is being built with a total investment of 3 billion yuan ($423.97 million). It is currently the only rubber track system industrial park in Southwestern China, with the largest footprint and the most complete industrial chain.

By introducing CRRC - a leading rail transit enterprise - Liuzhou has built the park into a domestic first-class, rail transportation-targeted advanced equipment manufacturing service base that integrates rail transit R&D and design, vehicles, auxiliary equipment manufacturing, maintenance services, and practical training. For this reason, the industrial park has also been compared to "a new industry that emerged from a project".

The park will be constructed in two phases. The first phase, spanning 1,100 mu, was started in July 2017, with a total investment of about 2 billion yuan. It is planned to have five major functional areas covering vehicle repair, component support, R&D and design, operation and maintenance, as well as depots. At present, 16 construction units, including the assembly shop, have been built. As of April 2020, the park had coordinated with 38 prospective companies and formally signed contracts with 21 companies. Eight parts companies have settled in.

The park has completed the industrial investment promotion of vehicle assembly, traction systems, large auto parts, vehicle interiors, signals, communication, power supply, track beams, and turnouts. It has introduced one Fortune Global 500 company, two of China's top 500 enterprises, and five leading enterprises from the rail transit industry.

The assembly workshop in the park has the ability to produce 200 vehicles per year, and has received orders from ASEAN countries. It is estimated that the total output value of the industrial chain will be about 20 billion yuan by 2025, according to the industrial development plan.